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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are the Workshops held?

Wherever your kids are!  We come to you, whether it's to your classroom, your library, or your home.

Are Workshops only offered at certain times or on certain days?

Nope!  We're available morning, evening, weekday, or weekends.  If your kids are around, so are we!

What kind of space do you need?

We need enough space for kids to work comfortably without being disturbed.  Since many activities are done as small groups, tables or floor space tends to work better than desks.  Depending on the topic being offered, we may also need access to water, electricity, or a room that can be darkened somewhat (to make some experiments even cooler!).

There’s a particular Mad Scientist that we really like!  Could we request him or her?

Our Mad Scientists recognize the great compliment it is to be specifically requested for a program.  Unfortunately, due to the number of programs we typically run and the intricacies of program scheduling, travel, equipment distribution, and time off for our instructors, we cannot guarantee a specific Mad Scientist for a specific program.  While we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate requests, we can only assure you that you will be satisfied with the excellent Mad Scientist that does your program, whomever it may be.

What if we would prefer a male/female Mad Scientist?

Similar to a request for a specific Mad Scientist, we cannot guarantee the gender of your Mad Scientist for all of the same reasons.  We can assure you that you will be satisfied with any one of our excellent Mad Scientists.

What topics do you offer?

Lots!  And here they are:

  • COLOR LAB — Learn about colors and how to combine them to make even more colors!  Meet our (pretend) friend Roy G. Biv in this colorful class!
  • DINOSAURS — Learn how scientists learn about dinosaurs!  See and touch casts of real dinosaur teeth, dig for "fossils", and make your own cast of a dino tooth to take home!
  • EYE TO EYE — Use mirrors, magnifying lenses, and microscopes to see the world in a different way!
  • KEEP IN TOUCH — What can you discover using just your sense of touch? Feel smooth things, soft things, and maybe even gooey things.
  • LETS LOOK CLOSELY — Use microscopes, mirrors, and magnifiers and give yourself a new perspective on the world!
  • LISTEN CLOSELY — Hear hear! Learn how sound moves, test your hearing, and create Hollywood sound effects.
  • MAD MIXTURES — Try your hand at chemistry!  Mix a little of this with a little of that and see what happens!
  • MAGNETIC ATTRACTION — Learn what makes magnets stick and why they sometimes don’t!  Test different magnets and more in this attractive class!
  • SEA, SAND & SURF — Explore our oceans and investigate the creatures that live there.  Make a mini-ocean to take home!
  • SPACE FRONTIERS — Learn more about the neighborhood you've lived in your whole life - the solar system! Visit the planets and learn what its like to work on the moon!
  • WEATHER WONDERS — This class will blow you away! Learn all about temperature sun, wind, and water.  Make and take home your own windsock.
  • WORLD OF WORMS — What has no eyes, breathes through its skin, and eats soil?  Worms!  Examine worms up close an even take one home in a wormerie you make yourself!


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