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Do you have an event coming up? Our Science Shows and interactive fun stations will captivate all your guests on any occasion. Our children's events are hassle-free, adaptable, and action-packed! We'll have everyone oohing and ahhing as they watch our over-the-top science demonstrations.

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What our customers have to say ....

Here's what some people have said about our shows:

Exciting & Entertaining for all ages!!

Dennis Recreation

Dennis, MA

Mad Science never disappoints! I even overheard parents saying "I even learned about science!"

Bourne Early Childhood Council

Bourne, MA

The Rec centers are RAVING about their assemblies this summer! The kids loved them and the staff was very impressed with the professionalism (and daring!) of your scientists.

Anne K.

Providence, RI

Mad Science Performances are Perfect for

  • Company Family Gatherings

  • Take your child to work days

  • Scout Banquets and other gatherings

  • Mall Events

  • Fairs & Festivals

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All About Our Performances!

Our Science Shows in Action

Our out-of-this-world, highly interactive, and fun demonstrations and experiments will wow the crowd!

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What do the children get to do?

Children love the opportunity to show off what they know or what they think will happen next. We encourage them to tell us what they think is going to happen! The constant audience interaction is an integral part of the Mad Science experience. We also use volunteers!


Is there really educational value?

Absolutely! While the children may not themselves be aware that they are learning, parents and teachers certainly are. Our shows are based on the same teaching methods and materials used in our classroom programs, but with even more entertainment thrown in.


Are these experiments safe?

You better believe it! As much as we want children to have fun, it's even more important to us that they be safe. Most of what we use are household items used in new and creative ways. Some experiments are for the Mad Scientist only - which, of course, is made perfectly clear!


How much space do you need?

Enough for your guests to be comfortable as well as a fair-size "safety zone" in which the Mad Scientist can perform. While the experiments are perfectly safe, we want to be sure no one is tripping over our equipment and that the Mad Scientist isn't tripping over your guests!


Does the show make a mess?

We clean up any mess that we make, and we will leave the performance area as clean (or cleaner) as it was when we arrived.


Is it like a Magic Show?

NO! We want to show children the DIFFERENCE between magic and science. Sure, magic is fun - and, in fact, we start the show with a magic trick - but with science there are no secrets! We as Mad Scientists get to tell everyone how everything works!


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