Preschool Workshops

Mad Science Preschool Programs are engaging hands-on / minds-on learning experiences for preschool children aged 3-5. Each workshop is an interactive, age-appropriate exploration of a specific science topic. Each themed program is designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. Preschoolers enjoy engaging demonstrations and perform simple experiments.

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Excited girl and Mad Scientist looking at beaker filled with white liquid Excited girl and Mad Scientist looking at beaker filled with white liquid

What our customers have to say ....

Here is what some of our customer hav had to say about our Preschool Workshops

The World of Worms Show was a hit! The Children were captivated!

Creative World

Raynham, MA

Our preschoolers loved Carbon Carol! We chose a lesson using dry ice, so although there were not a lot of hands-on aspects, the kids had a blast. She taught them about solids, liquids, and gases; and we know they retained this information, because the children will randomly point our different things as a solid, liquid, or gas! We have had Mad Science come to our school many times.


Easton, MA

We love Mad Science! We have Mad Science monthly preschool workshops throughout our school year and summer camp. The children always enjoy the hands on experience while learning about age appropriate science concepts! We are always amazed at how much patience the Scientists have for children of this age. Great team of scientists! :)


Greenville, RI

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All About Our Preschool Workshops

Preschool Workshop Topics

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Mad Science also provides Performances that are appropriate in content and in duration for the curious minds of Preschoolers.

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